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Flexible & Nice UX

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Embed Quiz Anywhere
You can embed Quiz anywhere
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Your site, blogs, anyone can do this :)  GuessOn All in One Viral Quiz - Joomla simple smile
Ajax based technology,
HTML5 driven results, SEO
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360° Customizable
Super Flexible for any kind
of customization, pre-ready
tabs for all features & styles

Viral Social Sharing

Tons of traffic make your success story with
GuessOn Viral features
> Dual Viral Power “Support Your Own Facebook API”
> Viral Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus
> Social Locker with force sharing


Monitor your quiz performance with intuitive U/X based features

Viral Engaged Results

Engage your vistor with more viral features
> Quiz Suggestions
> Viral Social Sharing
> Email-Collector
> Appreciations

Nice Appreciations

With awesoem smart formula you can award user in each quiz unlimited appreciation