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Bitsgeo Billboard


An attention grabbing billboard with alluring graphics, attractive design, catchy phrases, perfect lightning and splendid hues made from durable and high quality material promote a brand successfully and get highest value leads from your website traffic.



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‘Bitsgeo Billboard’ rich media enabled multipurpose professional billboard messages including video, banners, with exciting customizable flexible features with responsive functionality. Supports HTML, HTML5, image, Video, Flash, Sticky source from Joomla Core banner component or directly from module.

Excellent for News, Portfolio, blogs, e-commerce portals

Multi featured banners supported
Flash/gif/jpg,HTML5,text,HTML banners supported, Google AdSense ready for each single module. All clients’ adverts report ready for each billboard

Easy Customization features
100% Customizable!, Set your width & height, Upload custom close button image, Set options to Auto-open or Auto-close, Control advertising section for mobile layouts, Control auto-load on screen

Responsive & touch devices ready
Mobile/tablet device friendly, the ‘billboard’ module has been tested on iOS and Android devices of various dimensions. By utilizing the “responsive” popup engines, you can also make the viewing experience better with touch support for navigating between multi banners.

Embedded Advertising
Each banner ready and supports Google AdSense and Joomla’s core banner components allowing you to feature diverse advertisement campaigns that are report ready for your clients.Flash/gif/jpg,HTML5 banners supported.

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