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Convenient and easy to use, ‘Folk Gallery’ allows website owners to present multiple images on Joomla’s K2 items by utilising a sleek gallery format.



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‘Folk Gallery’ allows you to engage with your readers, while also aiding your site to achieve a better Google ranking. By utilising the “responsive” popup engines, you can also make the viewing experience better with touch support for navigating between images.

Excellent for News, Portfolio, blogs, e-commerce portals

  • Powerful features include:
  • Fully supports K2 Plugin framework
  • Fully integrates with K2 (the popular content extension for Joomla!) inside the “Image Gallery” tab of the K2 item forms.
  • Automated gallery suggestions within each single gallery to link all other galleries
  • Slider/Gallery can be placed in all supported K2 positions
  • Different K2 position per K2 item supported
  • Bulk image uploads
  • Drag & Drop image order
  • Easy image resizing
  • Cropping tool activated on each single image
  • Drag and drop to create a crop area on the image.
  • Control suggestion galleries counts
  • Joomla core banner component compatible to show adverts within each gallery
  • Flash/gif/jpg,HTML5 banners supported.
  • Google AdSense ready for each single gallery.
  • Adsense customised slots
  • All clients’ adverts report ready for each single gallery.
  • Image swipe effect for touch screens
  • Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest
  • Control show or hide social button options
  • Control show or hide thumbnails layer
  • Customization width & height of image thumbnails
  • Control show or hide captions
  • Control show or hide full screen
  • Control sidebar and advertising section for mobile layouts
  • Customization for gallery suggestion boxes.
  • Control image zoom for gallery slider.
  • 100% SEO optimised.
  • Unlimited anchors in descriptions, powerful content editor for each single image description
  • Each image constrains crop proportions options
  • Image rotations
  • Image resizing drag and drop in the right
  • Image brightness & contrast effects
  • Image effects.
  • Each image gallery title
  • Adjust slideshow width and height main slider & thumbnail
  • Multi-browser functionality
  • Responsive layout
  • Responsive templates support
  • No need to edit template file
  • No need to add module position
  • Unlimited image slideshows
  • Unlimited images for slideshow
  • Easiness to insert images links, captions and descriptions
  • Compatible with all the 3rd party templates (All framework most popular : T3, Grantry, Gavick, Yoo…)
  • Excellent support
  • Fully compatible with Joomla! 2.5 and 3.X

100% mobile responsive, each image gallery supports Google AdSense and Joomla’s core banner components allowing you to feature diverse advertisement campaigns that are report ready for your clients. Mobile/tablet device friendly, the ‘Folk Gallery’ plugin has been tested on iOS and Android devices of various dimensions. By utilizing the “responsive” popup engines, you can also make the viewing experience better with touch support for navigating between images.

Change Log

Last Update: Stable release
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Joomla 3.x & 2.x
Tech Features: Responsive,Banners,Google Adsense


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