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Bumpwire: Ultimate multi-purpose viral magazine theme


Bumpwire is a clean, highly flexible, optimized, SEO ready, and fully responsive WordPress theme. It's smart and hand crafted environment allows you to build outstanding viral content posts to have fantastic viral & great website.


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Bumpwire is a clean, highly flexible, optimized, SEO ready, and fully responsive WordPress theme. It’s smart and handcrafted environment allows you to build outstanding viral content posts to have fantastic viral & great website.

Bumpwire  Bumpwire: Ultimate multi-purpose viral magazine theme bumpwire 2

Ultimate post types

You can have 20+ post content which leads your site to next level of viral and trendy engagements.

Trivia Quiz: You can be a trivia master by using many puzzles, questions to test user skills.

  • Single / multiple page layouts
  • Random questions
  • Timer trivia quiz
  • Ads between selected no of questions
  • 4 Progress bar layouts
  • Nice appreciations

Personality Quiz: Ready to invent something about yourself with series of knowledge base questions.

  • Single / multiple page layouts
  • Random questions
  • Timer personalities quiz
  • 4 Progress bar layouts
  • Nice personality handlers on result screen

Polls: People opinions matters get by creating polls, (3 exciting layouts)

Rank Lists: Get voting for a list of items to influence option or just make a simple list, or let people add their items to participate in competitions, limited time vote lists.

Gallery: Just create a sleek gallery page for your panda images, (2 exciting layouts)

Before After: Most wanted post type to play with hidden part of images or what was before and now, check success of

Flip: Viral post type which helps to the user on the flip to show hidden or descriptive part of objects.

Live Polls: Make polls like live feeling where the user can vote by selected vote icons really trendy, all pols can run for limited time of period (3 exciting layouts)

Conversion Quiz: Want to use post whispering or political talk and fun were here is post type. ( 2 exciting layouts., multiple groups conversation be made.)

Swiper: Just reminding success of big apps for getting short opinions, (6 reactions )

Powerful re-Ranker

Vote for everything and ranked into any lists, let people submit their items and anyone can integrate into their lists you can check how popular your items ranking in each individual lists, what popularity submitted items have a really self-automated way of lists.

  1. – Exclusive 4 dedicated widgets to show most listed items and most achieved votes.
  2. – Items can be seen in pop-up / SEF descriptive links. (easy control in global options)

Post Features

All options for post/page layouts can be controlled globally and locally (you can overwrite global options and make what suits you individually)

  • Post multiple layouts
  • post with left sidebar
  • post with right sidebar
  • post with a full-page layout


A key feature enriched with each post option you can convert as affiliate post and get revenue boost. (in next version you can inject and woo Commerce products as well as affiliates)

Post Recommendations Areas

Each post has recommendation areas, which generating custom visibility of other site contents.

  1. You may also like*: can show/hide you may like posts panel with any custom selected categories
  2. Don’t miss*: can show/hide you may like posts panel with any custom selected categories
  3. More in this category: In this panel posts will show within same category user is reading

Social Lockers

Lockers available for Trivia, Personality, Polls content types.

Backend-Font-end a standalone experiences

You can use this theme only limited to backend-end exclusive editors or can make active to available for front-end editors submissions to have open community both experiences total in control.

Viral Social Sharing

Can share their results on viral social media

  • Share what you got to score in your trivia
  • Share what your personality presents
  • Share your poll results

Custom layouts for search/category/archive pages*: 6 different categories layouts

Single Post Live Reader

A viral audience engagement, which will show live readership its bit trendy for all type of industry how many people are engaged and reading posts.

  • user visibility can be controlled either Fake / Real
  • Live Reader Fake Count*: Option generates the fake random number of users between chosen range.

Extremely customizable options panel

More than 850 custom options let you highly customizable every little feature of theme globally and locally overwrite to fulfill an individual tailored requirement.

  • 10 custom header with full customized control
  • full width and box layout
  • dedicated featured post slider with extensive layouts
  • hands-on customizable layout & design
  • custom 4 cols footer layout
  • dedicated footer slider
  • custom site preloaders
  • popular social platforms
  • many homepage layout possibilities.
  • stunning mega menu builder right on menu builder options easy & fast
  • custom control on the main grid
  • 820 Google fonts and enhanced typography.
  • Optimized build in features
  • Custom Pages Contact Us, 404
  • Advance custom CSS / JS global overwrite
  • Advance demo importer.
  • Responsive 100% stunning on each device
  • Sticky sidebar widgets
  • SEO optimised
  • Dedicated support
  • Translation ready WPML supported

3rd Party Plugins Integration

We believe 3rd party integrations let leads your product to next level, following

  1. Deep Integration with WP Quads
  2. Mashshare integration
  3. Contact Form 7
  4. BuddyPress compatibility
  5. MailChimp integration to built signup collected lists

Youzer deep integration for Bumpwire

Meet next era of user profiling in WordPress with built-in ad serving on user pages, and following key functionality.

  • 14 user header styles
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • 16 profile widgets
  • Unlimited ads

Custom Widgets

  • Exclusive Instagram widget with extensive custom features
  • 4 dedicated re-ranker widgets to boost content visibility.
  • social signup and marketing widget
  • Exclusive user widgets
  • Trending/ popular / hot posts showcase.
  • Live on bumpwire network
  • Ad widgets.

Bumpwire future plan

Learn knowledge based.

Full Changelog

Thanks for great images for Bumpwire


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